Adstockistan 2019

Adstockistan 2019

August 31, 2019

Adstocktoberfest 2019 will take place up at the orchard on 12th October. Adstocktoberfest is
for Adstock families and your friends.

The cider and juice making will start at 1000, and 10kg of apples will make 1 Gallon of cider,
but you do not have to bring any to enjoy the day. If you have apples you do not want, then
please bring them to help make the community cider.

The event will include:

 Hammerschlagen
 Air rifle range
 Schnapps pick ‘n mix
 Various pub games for all age groups
 A photographer for family and pets
 The Afghan Rug shop
 Indian Head Massage – possibly
 Vines for sale
 Evening food (BYO picnic for the day)
 Fantastic live music

At 5.30 pm there will be prize giving for last year’s cider, fruit liqueurs (please bring
along your entries) and shooting, then festivities will begin with music, chicken paella as
well as a vegetarian option, beer, cider, prosecco and other drinks for the children.
The event is:

 £5 to enter
 £10 for a 1 gallon demijohn with airlock
 £5 for a glass apple juice bottle
 £5 for an Adstockistan everlasting festival Enviro-cups – wine or pint
 Donations will be gratefully received for the food, drink and bands – 100%
goes to Afghanaid!!