Wassail 2024

January 3, 2024
In spite of Storm Isha our annual wassail went ahead, the only difference being is we did the majority from the safety of Rural Ronnie’s.  This made the ceremony so much more inclusive and intimate – a perfect wet weather alternative.  Thank you so much to the wonderful Adstock...read more

Wassail 2023

December 28, 2022
Thank you to everybody that turned up to a beautiful evening on the 23rd January for the Adstockistan Wassail.  After a hiatus of 2 years it was back and bigger than it’s every been.  Vicar Ros rekindled her role as High Priestess of Adstockistan, the Owlswick Morris dances turned...read more

Adstocktoberfest 2022

August 24, 2022
Without doubt, the best Adstocktoberfest so far! We raised over £5500 for Afghanaid which was later doubled due to a government campaign.  There were 6 fantastic bands performing from mid afternoon until very late in the evening, we had archery, axe throwing  as well as the usual apple pressing, liqueur...read more

Adstocktoberfest 2021

September 6, 2021
After a 2 year gap Adstocktoberfest is back!! This year, we were fully sheltered in “Rural Ronnie’s” our new live(stock) stage and we needed to be as the weather was atrocious, but that didn’t stop a huge amount of folk coming and creating the best atmosphere we’ve had at...read more

Booze Judging

December 6, 2020
18 entries were put forward for the Liqueur, cider and wine competitions which would have taken place at Adstocktoberfest. Thank you so much to Nick Sowicz, our wine merchant turned maths professor, who came all the way from London and Sue North from the wonderful Farm Deli in Winslow...read more

Cider Making 2020

It was a real disappointment to have to cancel Adstocktoberfest this year, but we managed to successfully provide a juicing and cider making service for those that wanted it and with the introduction of the new scratter, the process was about 5 times quicker than it was last year....read more

Wassail 2019

February 21, 2019
A few hardy souls braved a cold Northeasterly wind for the 2019 Adstockistan wassail (as well as pagan Ros’s bithrday), but numbers were down due to a bout of flu and possibly the thought of standing around a bleak orchard in a biting wind. For those that made it,...read more