Adstockistan Camp-out

Adstockistan Camp-out

July 13, 2016

The 30th July saw an excellent turnout for the first family camp-out in Adstockistan. All families made a real effort with the Tents, but the family that drove 200 metres to the orchard in their camper van and simply parked up were never going to win the prize for best decorated tent that ultimately went to clan Kelly with their mooning gnomes.

Due to a steady northwesterly wind, the ballooning competition from Silverstone made a timely flypast after which BBQs were lit which was the cue for the middle-aged men of the village to start ruining some perfectly good sausages.

As the light faded, the Kadai came in to it’s own and provided just the right amount of warmth and light for the grown ups to sip their cider by as the children watched a film cunningly projected onto and old dog blanket pinned to Danny’s shelter.

In the morning we all grudgingly packed up our tents (apart from the camper van) and headed off back home safe in the knowledge we wouldn’t have to join queues of other holiday makers making long treks on gridlocked roads after summer holidays.