Adstocktoberfest 2018

Adstocktoberfest 2018

August 19, 2018

Adstocktoberfest grows and grows and is measurable by the amount raised – this year £2535 for Afghanaid, £700 up on last year!

Thank you so much to all who came and supported and a huge thanks to all who helped with all food, games, drinks, shooting, stalls, shops, setting up, tidying up, gate keeping, etc, it was truly a whole village effort.

Despite a bad year for apples, the pressing gang was busy from 1000 all the way to prize giving at 1700, so their efforts mean that there will be plenty of entries for next year’s competition. Those waiting for their cider were entertained by playing Hammeschlagen, Farokh’s pick and mix Schnapps making and shopping at the Afghan Rug Shop, all the way from Hebden Bridge who did a roaring trade.

2 more prizes were included this year. The Rifle range organised by Adstock’s own PTI and Infanteer, Muscles Mike was won by Alex Curmey. The mini hip flask for the best spirit infusion was won by Alison Walker, who came close to winning the prize last year and the main cider trophy was, after years of trying went to Dan Young – congratulations to all and I hope you’ll all be defending your titles next year.

The music was kicked off as usual by the best band in North East Adstock…. AGOG and the Lovely Jubblies who got a surprise encore, although it is questionable whether the gentleman was calling for more music or more drink!! Second up were Shakedown with Adstock’s best Bass player doing a brilliant set that got everybody dancing, thank you also to Shakedown for providing all the amps, lights and PA system. Our last band, on their 3rd appearance at Adstocktoberfest, finished off the music and were brilliant as always. Paul’s band were minus a drummer this year, but in the rhythm was provided by a corps of drums – Mick Spinks, Matt Parker and Will Nottage, who bravely stepped up to the mark only a week before the event without ever having practiced with the band – no one missed a beat and massive thanks to them for their courage and spirit.

Again thank you, next year’s date is 12 Oct 2019, all are encouraged to come. The event can still grow so please bring your friends and show off what Adstock can produce. I hope that everyone had as much fun as the organisers and if anyone has any ideas about how we can improve, please do get in touch by the contacts page.