Adstocktoberfest 2016

Adstocktoberfest 2016

July 24, 2016

Adstockistan’s first Adstocktoberfest held on 8th October was a roaring success and thanks goes to all that turned up to participate, have their concoctions judged and to give so generously to Afghanaid – the total raised was a huge £1,074!

The day started after lunch with the cider press working overtime making the fresh brews for next years contest. An enormous thank you to Nick Kelly who not only took charge of the machines, making sure everybody who turned up with apples went away with demijohns full of the good stuff and also cleaned everything down after – also to Tracy Kelly who provided snacks for the cider makers and gathered all the rubbish the morning after.

When the time came for judging, Laurence from Virtual Orchard was slight aghast to see 30 different ciders, spirits and wines for him to try, but he made it through to the end, with the expression on his face giving away exactly what he thought of some of the samples. In the end the winner of the fruit cup was Marius Stuart, who had cunningly added some honey to increase it’s palatability, and very nice it was too.

The music was a real highlight, organised by Paul Paling who managed to assemble an entire band within a week. Despite the fact they had never played together as a band, the revellers all agreed that they really made the day and we were still shouting for more as they were sprinting down to the Thatch to catch last orders. A real treat to have them play, and they kept going despite the intermittent lighting, hence the name chosen for the hastily assembled band -the Blackouts!

Once again a huge thank you to all involved and please add the first Saturday in every October into your Diaries for yet more Adstocktoberfests!