Aedda’s Feast 2019

Aedda’s Feast 2019

June 27, 2019

The 2019 Aedda’s Feast will take place in Adstockistan on 6th July from 6pm onwards. This year there will be games for all ages, a film for the children, a bar for the adults and a BBQ.

It will be a great night for the village to get together sit around the fire pit, relax, watch a film, test their skill at a few pub games and raise some money for an important charity.

Although not billed as a camping event, please do so if you want to, particularly those parents who want to carry on raving while the kids slumber nearby.

Please bring something to eat off, something to eat with and something to drink out of as well as any accompaniments to the meat (buns for burgers, salads and sauces). If the mood takes you, bring something musical.

The evening will be a fundraiser for the Teenage Cancer Trust – please give generously;