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Spring has sprung

March 9, 2016
Spring has sprung (apparently) and all the trees have either blossomed or are at least budding, which is great news.  A couple of the trees, however, have been a touch deer nibbled and are therefore are a little bit stunted.  We will see how they fare over the summer; more

Orchard Update – picnics, mud & cider

February 16, 2016
Queen’s birthday – The Village Hall Committee are organising a celebratory Picnic to commemorate the Queen’s Birthday on 13th June. Mud hut building -The intention is to build a cob hut in the space in the middle of the orchard, to be used for shelter and storage.  Drainage more

Wassailing 2016

February 1, 2016
Adstockistan’s first Wassail was held on 31st January 2016, on a blustery evening that failed to dampen the spirits of all who came to bless the orchard and ward off any evil spirits. The evening started with an excellent display of dancing from the Owlswick Morris, concluded with more

Cider Making

September 27, 2015
Adstockistan’s inaugural cider making session took place on 27th September 2015.  Due to the fact that the orchard trees are merely maidens, participants brought fruit from their own trees or scrumped from neighbours. Our instructor for the day was Laurence Conisbee, from the award winning Virtual Orchard Cidery more