Liqueur Competition – Adstocktoberfest 2021

Liqueur Competition – Adstocktoberfest 2021

March 15, 2021

The Adstockistan still is busy making 40% Eau deVie out of some of the cider that was pressed last year as well as some wine made at Bywater that didn’t hit the mark.

For the ridiculous price of £5 you can buy 750ml of this in order that you make a liqueur and enter it into the competition at Adstocktoberfest on the 2nd October (all being well).

For your £5 you will get 750ml of eau de vie in a 1ltr mixing bottle, a 750ml bottle for your drinks cabinet and a small spirit bottle to present for judging at Adstocktoberfest.

There are plenty of recipes for making schnapps and liqueurs online, but don’t let that get in the way of your imagination.  Essentially you can have a sweetener (ie honey, sugar, sweets even) and then something to add flavour (fruit, spices, herbs, sweets) let it infuse or dissolve and then strain it off in to your display bottles.

If you are local and interested in giving this a go, please call or text Jo on 0771 289 7366 or use the contact page and I can deliver.

All the money will go towards Adstocktoberfest, the proceeds of which will go to Afghanaid.  Apart from the honour of winning you could be the proud custodian of a beautiful display platter for a year!