Wassail 2020

Wassail 2020

January 19, 2020

Again, the weather could have been much more of an issue, but the gusty squalls that were forecasted stayed away long enough for the Owlswick Morris dancers to give us all a fantastic display on the lane outside the orchard, before we all marched in, where pagan Rev. Ros started the ceremony under the shelter of the pergola.

The Orchard was blessed, the orchards of Afghanistan were blessed and the evil spirits were shooed away with the gathering banging pots, pans, blowing horns and firing off shotguns before quite a heavy band of gusty horizontal rain hit us and we had to retreat once more.

The Tents were a welcome respite and inside was some delicious mulled cider and mulled apple juice (not as popular) and a little more dancing, this time with everyone involved and again some wonderful singing from the Adstock Singers.

Once again thank you to all that turned up and participated and gave so generously to Afghanaid – an amazing £315 was raised. A special thanks to the Adstock Singers who sang so beautifully, the Owlswick Morris who as ever generously gave their fee to Afghanaid and of course to Rev. Ros, High Priestess of Adstockistan.